Our story

Restaurant Florjančkov hram has a very long tradition, since its existence is recorded as early as in 1792. Sometimes called at Florjanček, the carriage drivers’ Inn, where the carters with horse-drawn carriage rest, feed the horses and enjoyed even back then pleasant home service. Guests did enjoyed good food and relax with playing cards – there was even a room for that, which is today called Florjančkov room (part of the restaurant). Beside the Inn, there was also a bowling alley, where today stands a family hotel.

In 1846, in the building where the restaurant stands today, was born Franc Levec, literary critic, historian and editor of the extremely well-known central Slovene literary newspaper called Bell of Ljubljana. He was a regular guest and extremely liked to enjoy restaurant’s good food and local wines.

But even before that, we are honored to know, that France Prešeren (the greatest Slovenian poet) was often visiting the restaurant. His uncle was a priest in Ježica and back then, so-called gentleman Fig, really liked to drink a drop of noble wine and speak a word with a friendly and helpful waitress. According to oral tradition they say he even recited his current poetry to her.

From generation to generation owners maintain the concept of family with local food produced on their own farms, with a warm attitude and satisfied visitors.

Family concept and warmth continue the basic characteristics of our old traditional Slovenian restaurant and today we provide organic food grown with love in our gardens, and offer them to a number of high satisfied guests. The restaurant Florjančkov hram is a combination of the so-called traditional and modern cuisine. The roots are usually in good home cooking, contact with tradition is strong. Menu is changing depending on the seasons and availability of food, and with this way we maintain freshness and good taste.

Today, next to the traditional restaurant, is a newly built hotel, opened in August 2015. The wide range of services and personal approach to its guests presents historical and contemporary Ljubljana in full light, providing them with superior comfort, individual approach, intimacy and a healthy lifestyle.